New Spiritual Horizons

Spiritual Development Classes

Become a master of your soul energy and neutralize negativity that wants affect you. 

Spiritual development classes
Meet other like-minded people

  • Learn how to trust your hunches
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Experience effective angel communication
  • Unfold your 6th Sense
  • Become a healing influence in your community
  • Learn meditation and other relaxation techniques
  • Have spiritual mentoring you always dreamed of 

Above all, when you can direct your energy, you’ll create the ideal career path, relationships and have true inner happiness and joy for living.

More insights

New Spiritual Horizons community programs are a small portion of the comprehensive spiritual development programs created by Wayshowers College.

Roger and Diana Ringo are certified trainers. They also enjoy helping other people learn the invaluable tools and techniques experienced in the Spiritual Horizons programs.

Ways to get involved

12 Week Spiritual Discovery Group

  • Step 1: Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons is an in-depth four hour technique workshop that initiates the twelve week series of classes. Above all, participants learn techniques and ideas that form the foundation of the twelve week series. And the group is empowered to lead itself. Cost is $55.00.
  • Step 2: Twelve classes that normally meet weekly. Cost is $10.00/class.
    • Learn six different relaxation techniques that can be throughout the day.
    • Each week explore different topics on spiritual awareness. Such as life purpose, types of esp, purpose of angels. life after death, self respect, and more.
    • Learn no fewer than five energy healing and rejuvenation techniques. Experience the strong impact of a group of people working together in unity and harmony.
    • Master your Extra Sensory Perception by learning no fewer than six techniques. They will demonstrate the ways your ESP gives you insights into yourself and other people.
    • Become reacquainted with your spiritual family. Meet old friends for the first time, this lifetime.

To sum up, each Spiritual Discovery Group meeting is a waterhole that will recharge your energy for the week. You rediscover a passion for living and reawaken your dreams that may have been suppressed. You will realize you are not alone. Above all, there are other people in your community who are just like you.

New Spiritual Horizons is a "pay as you go" process. Above all, there is no package pre-payment requirement. If the program does not meet your expectations, then you no longer attend meetings.

Other Options

3 Hour Seminar Series

Wayshowers College and New Spiritual Horizons has crafted nine 3-hour seminars on important spiritual topics to accelerate your growth.

During the Seminar Series, you will become a laser that cuts through tension and negativity. You will form your own “Sea of Tranquility.” Therefore, it will set you free to be at ease with the people and places around you!  You will have the tools to become your own best psychic. Fear of death and other limitations can just melt away.

Submersion Workshops

The Submersion experience is designed for “on the go” people with a full plate of daily activities. For example, they are designed for the person who wants to dedicate a weekend to their spiritual growth.  This Series compacts the twelve Weekly Group Sessions and the nine seminars into four weekend intensives.

Because you are doing numerous techniques, it is like swimming in an ocean of insights and love.  You will experience a new level of self-respect. Also you will stand mountain to mountain with others.

How to get involved

  • Step 1: Experience 4-hour workshop: Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons. described above.
  • Step 2: Begin your 12 weeks of a Spiritual Discovery Group. 

To summarize, would you like to experience weekly classes? Also, do you have a group of friends who would be interested?

Wayshowers College™ is the world’s first and most experienced professional spiritual educator training institution.

We have the resources that will enable you to be of service as an ethical spiritual educator.

Furthermore, if you have always had the feeling that you came here to do something special for yourself and humankind, visit Or ask one of your instructors how you can get involved.