Find your pathway to Mindful Spiritual Living


People everywhere are searching for ways to live a wholistic, mindful living lifestyle. For many there is a disconnect with how they have been taught versus how they feel inside.

Mindful Spiritual Living Methods is a personalized mentoring way to help you life want want to live.

Most people have an honest desire to unfold a mindful spiritual lifestyle, but have difficulty figuring it out. That is where a mentor can help speed up the process.

When I was twenty-five, I found a mentor who was very instrumental in guiding me along my mindful path. His methods were uniquely innovative with unconventional methods and insights. This was just what I needed, unique methods that helped me transcend the ordinary awareness of life.

Since 1993 I have been training and mentoring others in these methods and I can help you. These methods work. I know they work, because they work for me and others.

I now have space available for additional clients who are ready for advanced mindful living mentoring. If you have tried other programs and did not attain the results you wanted, then my mentoring service is for you.

Continue on below to learn how Mindful Spiritual Living Methods work.

5 Essential Foundations for Mindful Living

Since my initial mentored training, I have built upon this foundation and collected a list of foundation essentials that will help anyone attain a mindful lifestyle easier. The list of essentials below is practical and pragmatic. When you read them you will probably say to yourself, "Of course, that is obvious." What is not obvious is how to truly integrate them into a lifestyle.

Many people, probably like you, have a desire to evolve into mindful living but have difficulty making the needed changes. This is usually because of outmoded concepts and attitudes that were learned during your first seven years of life. If you were not raised by mindful parents, then you may be living their life perspectives.

Mindful Spiritual Living Methods will share with you an alternative way to approaching life that will help stimulate your soul wisdom that is innate within. All the foundations can do is to put into words what you already know to be true.

So, here we go with Foundation Essentials

  • Inner Loyalty - A strong inner belief in yourself. It is a faithful adherence to your inner values or inner self worth. It is an awareness that your ideas are just as important as other people's. Inner Loyalty is respecting and appreciating what you know to be true.
  • Live and Let Live - Mindful people have a "live and let live" approach to life. This means not trying to change another person or judge their actions. Live and Let Live means being an example of a better way to others and not trying to impose their ideas. A mindful person lives life by example and realizes those who are ready to change will be open.
  • People perceive life and communicate in different ways - There are different ways that people perceive and interpret life. The method or style that a person communicates can be different from others in a group/family. Mindful living realizes this and remains flexible and open to differences in communication styles.
  • Life Purpose - A mindful living person has an awareness of having a personal life purpose. This awareness or understanding can be either a vague inner knowing or a specific direction. Either way, a mindful person as an inner lighthouse to help guide their decisions and direction in life. It is a purposeful involvement.
  • Inner Guidance - A mindful spiritual living person realizes there is an inner guidance, a "still small voice within" that is a resource for inspiration and insight that transcend the logical, conscious mind. It is a realization that he/she is not alone and there is always help when they are willing to ask for it.

The above 5 Essential Foundations are the core areas you will learn with my program. It is the foundation that you will build upon.

As you start integrating these foundations you will start experiencing life like an accomplished ice skater, effortlessly gliding through life. You will be like a sailor on the ocean. Knowing where you are at all times, effectively navigating to your destination while avoiding any storm. You will be a master of your personal energy while interacting with people in your life.

You will experience a greater enjoyment of life because you are living a life that has importance to you instead of living a life others think you should live.

Program Overview

Mindful Spiritual Living Methods uses materials for Wayshowers College. It also includes methods and techniques I have developed over 25 years of personal growth and training seminars.

It is a subscription mentoring service that combines self study at your convenience and personalized mentoring.

  • Learn how to integrate the 5 Essential Foundations: Monthly lessons and mentoring will guide to a successful integration of these essential foundations into your life. They will enhance your personal relationships and career choices.
  • You will receive a personal autographed copy of The Real You book. In very simple but straightforward writing style you will learn additional important insights that become the foundation for your mindful life. The Real You is also used with monthly lessons and worksheets
  • True Life Purpose worksheets. Insights and questions will guide you through a process of discovering why you are truly here on planet earth. Having your True Life Purpose clarified is a very important piece for a mindful lifestyle. It provides a basis for making important decisions in your life.
  • Spiritual Consultation Sessions: Every three months there is an in-depth consultation session that peals away the layers misunderstanding and start clarifying core elements of your spiritual essence. Areas covered are
    • Inner Guidance (angels) and how to communicate with them
    • How you use the Four Avenues of Perception
    • Key blockage areas and the subtle ways they affect you life
    • Ways you block the flow of spiritual energy to your physical body and chakras
    • Unique aspects to balancing your life
  • Monthly regrouping telephone call. This is a personalized 1 hour regrouping call at the end of each month. Tips and hints on using the materials and consultation sessions are covered.
  • Sea Of Tranquility meditation training. Using this simple meditation technique each day will keep you buffered stress and help you maintain a clear direction towards your goals.
  • Discounts to workshops that I present.

Cost for Mindful Spiritual Living Methods:  $60.00/month ($720/year).......Normally $1,235. (Based on individual purchases)

My GUARANTEE to You: After 3 months, if you are not totally satisfied with the information and insights you are gaining, I will refund your entire amount after materials are returned. I can make this guarantee, because I know your life will dramatically change as these methods are implemented. I only ask that you consistently use the methods each day.

We Need to Talk

Contact Roger using one of the methods below. He will personally contact you and answer any questions you may have.

This program is not for everyone. He only has twenty clients at a time so that he can be effective.

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