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Mindful living is THE cutting edge breakthrough to a healthy life.

Have you tried other spiritual development classes and not achieved the results you wanted? You need my Mindful Living Master Class.

Roger Ringo

Master Metaphysician

Mindful Spiritual Living is a profound new approach to a contemporary lifestyle. It will surprise you with uncanny methods that will help propel you to new personal breakthroughs.

Are you a non-traditional person trying to make changes in your life using traditional approaches? You are trying to make sense of life and succeed using ideas that belong to people with a different state of consciousness. What you really need is a new approach consistent with the new age of enlightenment you live in.

You need my Mindful Living Online Master Class.

Mindful Living Online Class contains the "best of the best" content that I have learned over the past twenty-five years training and mentoring others.

Topics covered in master class

Mindful Living Online Master Class consists of six in-depth lessons. Each lesson covers one important topic. Worksheets will need to be printed and completed as a part of the lessons. You will learn a meditation method and simple breathing technique for relaxation.

  • What is a mindful lifestyle and how to live it.
  • Important insights are revealed about your True Life Purpose.
  • Benefits of being Proactive instead of Reactive with people are explained.
  • Realize how the 3 Primary Celestial Energies affect your aura every day.
  • Learn the simple Sacred Space Meditation technique. Using a simple meditation technique will help you stay connected to your "Higher Power" and maintain an inner calm during the day.
  • Create a stronger aura and minimize negativity with Rhythmic Breathing Technique.
  • Discover the 5 Mindful Attitudes that impact your Law of Attraction.
  • How emotions drain your energy and how feelings rejuvenate your aura.
  • Finally, a 30 Day Implementation Plan is revealed. Your road map to mastery.

Mindful Living Master Class is not for everyone

It is for the person who wants to be in command of their life and willing to suspend their preconceived ideas and implement a new approach for 30 days.

Are you frustrated or feel stagnant with your life? Mindful Living Online Master Class is your lifeline to affluent living. It will challenge you with a new approach that will seem counter intuitive to how you have been raised.

Finally, if you do not have an effective meditation approach and simple breathing technique, then you really need this class.

Just imagine having the life you want

By using the lesson materials and the 30 Day Implementation Plan, you will gain greater command of your life. You will start enjoying life again and having more fulfillment each day.

As you begin integrating these lessons you will start experiencing life like an accomplished ice skater, effortlessly gliding through life.

You will be the captain of your ship, knowing where you are at all times. You will navigate to your destination while avoiding any storm.

Are you ready to make the needed changes in your life so you can succeed?

Order HERE (only $45.00 w/Guarantee) and start making changes before the day is over. 

The Mindful Living Online Master Class will help you transform your life and attract affluent living.

I am making my Mindful Living Online Master Class available to you at an incredible low price of $45.00 (with money back Guarantee, read below). Insights and techniques you will learn are normally taught in my intensive workshops for $250.00.

Because there is a tremendous need for people to transform their lives, I am using an Online Master Class to help you.

  • With your class registration you will receive an online, web based log-in password for your lessons.
  • These lessons are self guided. You will go at your own pace.
  • Lessons are web based. You can login from the comfort of your home desktop computer or other mobile device.
  • You can use your lessons any time and any place.

Additionally I am available by email to answer any questions you may have. Especially if there are lessons that you do not understand clearly.

Most of all, my goal is to empower you. To help you transform yourself into the person you want to be and live an affluent lifestyle.

YES....I am ready to order your
Mindful Living Online Master Class.
Investment:  $45.00
(Guaranteed, read it below)

Order HERE

My Personal GUARANTEE To You

After 30 days if you are not totally satisfied with the information and insights you are gaining, I will refund your entire amount. This guarantee can be offered because I know your life will dramatically change as these methods are implemented. Finally, I know these lessons work, because they worked for me, my wife, and others who have taken my training over the last twenty-five years.

Finally, I only ask that you sincerely use the methods each day. The only way these methods do not work is if you do not use them consistently.

Roger Ringo

If you need more information

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Contact Roger using one of the methods below. He will personally contact you and answer any questions you have.

This program is not for everyone. Therefore, it is for the person who has tried other methods without success. A person needs to be willing to suspend their preconceived ideas about life and implement a new path.

Call Roger at: 877/525-6335
or email: roger@modernspiritualliving.com

Order your
Mindful Living Online Master Class HERE.

Thank You for reading my online class description.

May each of your days be filled with love and friendships.

Roger Ringo
Educator & Consultant

About Roger RIngo.

Most people have an honest desire to unfold a mindful lifestyle,
but have difficulty figuring it out.

When I was twenty-five, I found a mentor who was very instrumental in guiding me along my mindful path. His methods were uniquely innovative with unconventional techniques and insights. They were just what I needed, unique methods that helped me transcend the ordinary awareness of life.

For over thirty years I have been training people how to use their Inner Guidance, trust their Hunches, discover their True Life Purpose, and neutralize Negativity. These techniques and insights work. I know they work, because they work for me and others I have trained. These methods have been instrumental in raising two sons, having a loving relationship with Diana, and success in my life purpose careers.

During these programs, I blend together the techniques of Wayshowers College and my experiences. I have successfully implemented these techniques in family, business situations, and during social events.

I am an Ordained Minister with Peace Community Church International and a guest instructor with Wayshowers College.

We are living in a stressful and polarizing society. As time progresses, sensitive people like you will need more effective methods to shield yourself from these pressures.