Crystal Cleansing Stones: Relaxing and soothing

Crystal Cleansing Stones - Pure pleasure with all natural gemstone mix.

Experience the soothing, cleansing action as you run your hands through an assortment of special polished stones. A magical rejuvenation occurs.

.Join the thousands of people who are using their stones daily for improved relaxation and spiritual connection. The deep colors, natural beauty, and soft touch creates a serenity within that is beyond description.

All natural stones. Each stone is highly polished and size will range between 4 mm - 7 mm. The mixture will contain quartz, amethyst bloodstone, citrine, jasper, agates, sodalite, tiger eye, labradorite, lapis, and many others.

The cleansing, healing effect a person experiences from using these stones is the result of 3 separate aspects.

  • In each hand are nerve endings (pressure points or reflected points) that are connected to other parts of the body. When these trigger points are pressed by the stones, they relax and soothe other parts of our inner body.
  • Each stone has a healing or relaxing quality. Running your hand through the stones transmits these qualities to your body and aura.
  • Muscles and tendons in the hand are gently massaged during the process.

Combining all of these aspects during the use of the stones creates a powerful relaxation effect. The crystal cleansing stones can be used an home and at the office to reduce stress and find your own inner calm.

Crystal Cleansing Stones come bagged in three different amounts:

  • Medium - 1.0 lb bag
  • Large - 1.5 lb bag. This size shown in video
  • Extra Large - 4.5 lb bag. This size is very good for a serving bowl

NOTE: Online orders do not include a bowl.

Order Crystal Cleansing Stones today and have them delivered within three days.

Medium - 1 lb of stones

Cost $15.00 plus shipping

Large - 1.5 lb of stones

Cost $20.00 plus shipping

X Large - 4.5 lb of stones

Cost $55.00 plus shipping

 People talking

Tammy CDes Moines, IA
I bought the bag of small polished gemstones. I love them! I have a friend who has a son who is autistic and I ended up giving most of them to him.
Anne RSacramento, CA
Roger, I ordered the XL bag of stones! Excited to receive them. .
Amanda WFt Collins, CO
I purchased an XL bag at the Loveland,CO Holistic Fair this summer and everyone who comes to my house within 2 minutes has their hands in the bowl so I think it will be a wonderful gift! I may even put in one more order before the holidays! Thank you again! .
Beth KColorado Springs, CO
I really have enjoyed your crystal healing stones that I purchased at the Colorado Springs Celebration fair, a couple years ago. Looking to buy more for Christmas gifts. .
Janson ADenver, CO
A colleague picked up a bag of your tumbled chips and I have been drawn to them repeatedly. IO just contacted you for expedited delivery. I can't wait till they arrive! .
Susan PColorado Springs, CO
Thanks for letting me know! I plan on buying 25 bags or so of the crystals next time you are in town. Everyone in my office wants some. Hope all is well with you and Diana! .
Shelly MMuscatine, IA
Hello, I met you last weekend in Clinton. I am a naturopath in Muscatine. I just love your cleansing crystals, and so does everyone who has experienced them so far!