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Spiritual Foundations for a Better Life,
a first step on your journey


Presented by Roger & Diana Ringo

Spiritual Foundations for a Better Life

Coming to Colorado September & October

People everywhere are desperately searching for a spiritual lifestyle that has meaning and purpose. Attend these vitally important programs and learn from Diana and Roger's vast mentoring experience. 

Do you feel something is missing in your life,
and not sure what it is?

Are you frustrated with life and have a difficult time fitting in? Would you like more inner peace? You are probably a non-traditional person trying to make changes in your life with traditional methods.

Your parents, church, and school trained you to think in traditional ways. You were taught how to live using outdated ideas that are no longer relevant. What you really need is a new spiritual approach consistent with the new age of enlightenment you live in.

It’s time for a new inner peace approach

Spiritual Foundations For A Better Life can help you with a breakthrough approach that will transform your life. You will learn innovative insights that few people know.

You can have the Inner Peace you always dreamed.

Now is the time to establish the foundations you need for a mindful, spiritual lifestyle. Only by embracing a spiritual approach can you rise above doubt and be more genuine with your feelings. Having a spiritual perspective, life will finally make sense.

Diana and Roger Ringo can help you begin your journey. Attend one of our upcoming programs.

Topics covered for greater inner peace

  • Common myths you were taught. One example is, "Always help others first and don't be selfish." This means you may have a tendency to leave yourself out.
  • Learn four significant techniques that will help you neutralize negativity, trust your decisions, and feel the love your angels have for you.
  • Important insights are revealed about your True Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose always comes from the heart and not your head. Roger and Diana can help your get started. 
  • Create a stronger aura and minimize negativity. Your aura is like a shield that protects you from negativity. Learn simple techniques that work.
  • How emotions drain your energy and how feelings rejuvenate your aura. This topic has a powerful impact on your energy levels throughout the day. 
  • Everyone has Extra Sensory Perception (ESP, 6th Sense) and learn how it works. Realize the significance of Inner Knowing, Visions, Intuition, and Healing. You will be surprised how it helps with relationships.
  • Dimensions of Life After Death. Answers to where loved ones go when they pass. 
  • The role of Inner Guidance/Angels in your life and ways they want to help you.

If you are frustrated or feel stagnant with your life, Spiritual Foundations for a Better Life is a first step in your transformation journey. It will challenge you to take renewed evaluation of your current life. This new approach will seem counter intuitive to how you have been raised.

Finally, you will meet other like-minded people on a similar journey.

Are you getting a sense for the importance of these programs?

Colorado Programs
Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs

Denver - Spiritual Development Class

Master Your ESP, Angel Communication, & Life Purpose

An in-depth experiential technique workshop

Saturday, September, 14th
1:00 - 5:00
Cost: $55.00
Goddess ISIS Books
2775 S. Broadway, Englewood

Fort Collins - Spiritual Development Class

Free Get Acquainted Meeting

Meet other like-minded people in greater Fort Collins who want to share freely about spirituality.

Wednesday, Sept. 18th
7:00 - 8:30,
No cost
Old Town Library, Meeting Room 2
201 Peterson St, Fort Collins

Colorado Springs - Spiritual Development Class

Spiritual Foundations for Inner Peace In Your Life

Seminar with profound insights you wished you had learned earlier in life. 

Tuesday, Oct 15th
2:00 - 4:00 or 7:00 - 9:00
Cost: $15.00
Celebration Metaphysical Center
975 Garden of the Gods Rd

Colorado Springs - Spiritual Development Class

Master Your ESP, Angel Communication, & Life Purpose

An in-depth experiential technique workshop

Saturday, October 19th
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Cost: $55.00
Celebration Metaphysical Center
975 Garden of the Gods Rd

Get to know Diana and Roger

Diana and Roger have been married over 40 years and raised two sons. They have a deep understanding of the spiritual basis of relationships between partners and raising a family. Their success can be attributed to the consistent implementation of mindful spirituality in their daily lives.

Diana and Roger offer mindful workshops, classes, and private consultations. As a result, these services will give you deeper insights that will help you transcend any negativity. Their purpose is to help you find answers and start an enjoyable, mindful life. There is hope.

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