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Mindful Spiritual Living

What is it?
How can you achieve it?

Mindful Spiritual Living is a lifestyle, or way of living. It is based on a foundation of being mindful (consciously aware) and spiritual (belief in a higher guiding force).

Have you tried other methods for spiritual development and not attained the results you want? Because you are at a crossroads in your life and looking for answers, then a mindful lifestyle will help.

Roger and Diana Ringo can be your guide through the steps. Furthermore, we help you master three important areas.

  • Effective Spirit Guide/Angel communication
  • Trusting your hunches and intuition
  • Understanding your True Life Purpose

Finally, choose one the several ways you can start your mindful living journey today.

Roger & Diana Ringo

Start your mindful journey with one of these options

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Our community programs will help you find greater inner peace. This occurs when you start living your Life Purpose, using your Intuition each day, and listening to your Inner Guidance/Angels.

Angel Communication

Learn how to communicate with your Angels and never feel alone. Also discover your ESP Style and how it affects your interaction with others. Furthermore, learn how your intuition helps every day.

Crystal Cleansing Stones

Delicate tumbled gemstones have a magical effect of reducing stress and anxiety. Be rejuvenated by running your fingers through the stones in a bowl. Try them, you will be impressed.

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Each week receive our newsletter with profound insights and meditation. Furthermore, every newsletter is crafted so that you will receive an extra shot of energy to help you. This is an important step.

Mindful Blog Articles - Important Insights

Effective mindfulness includes communication with angels, using intuition, and defining your life purpose. Finally, our blog articles describe these topics and others that are important to your evolution.

Modern Guide to Spiritual Living - book

A special book you have been waiting to be written. Your foundation through uncharted waters of a spiritual lifestyle. Breakthrough insights into God, Spiritual Contracts, Love, After Life , Life Purpose and more.

Meet Roger & Diana Ringo

Diana and Roger have been married over 40 years and raised two sons. They have a deep understanding of the spiritual basis of relationships between partners and raising a family. Hence their success can be attributed to the consistent implementation of mindful spirituality in their daily lives.

happy young adults

Our purpose is to help you find answers and start an enjoyable, mindful life. There is hope.

Diana and Roger offer mindful workshops, classes, and private consultations. As a result, these services will give you deeper insights that will help you transcend any negativity.

What people are saying

J. Ramos, California
I am so happy to have meet Diana and you. I am grateful to have learned from both of you. You have helped me heal and find the true person of who I truly am. Truly I am grateful and fortunate.
Boni, Colorado
"I attended one of Roger's mindful living workshops and it was fabulous. Diana did an angel reading that very accurate, I truly appreciate and enjoy the newsletters I am receiving. Thank you."
K. Metcalf, Iowa
"Thanks again for the amazing mindful class this past weekend in Cedar Rapids. I am thankful to you for igniting a passion inside of me to continue to live authentically."
Sheila, Iowa
"I just wanted to thank Diana Ringo for the counseling profile she did for me today. Already unbelievable results! The negative and oppressive energy is something that I have been dealing with for years until today when I have felt a shift.

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We want to help you find answers and start enjoying life.

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