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  • Do you feel stuck or is your life stagnant?
  • Have you lost your passion for living?
  • Do you have difficulty having relationships with people that remain fulfilling?
  • Are you curious about psychic sensitivity and hunches that come true?

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Modern Spiritual Living will help you reinvent your life with unique insights to life purpose, angels, intuition, and life after death, spiritual sensitivity, spiritual values, and more. Modern Spiritual Living is a breakthrough book that will propel your life to a new plateau. You will encounter contemporary insights to traditional spiritual topics.

A large number of people around the world identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” They have an inner sense for being an eternal spiritual soul, but have difficulty relating to traditional religious beliefs. A “spiritual but not religious” person typically knows what they do not want (religion), but have a difficult time putting into words what they truly believe. Does this describe you?

Our common understanding of topics such as Angels, Life Purpose, Reincarnation, Life after Death, God, Personal Relationships, Children, Law of Attraction, and Love are based on traditional religious ideology going back two thousand years. The common understandings were of great benefit for centuries, but we are in a new era and a more contemporary understanding of these topics is needed to help guide your journey here on earth. Just imagine for a moment the ancient sailors traveling the oceans and finding new lands and being able to return because they had a navigation system to chart their path. Without the stars in the night sky and their sextant, these sailors would be lost, never to return.

Like the ancient sailors, you are a soul with a physical body on a journey through uncharted waters. You have a life purpose. And you have a team of spiritual guidance. You probably have a vague idea about this but have difficulty explaining yourself to other people. Modern Spiritual Living is a navigation system (like the stars used by early sailors) for your journey here on planet earth. Reading this book, you will learn a practical, contemporary understanding of traditional spirituality topics. Modern Spiritual Living will strengthen your inner belief in being spiritual but not religious.

People talking

Wow, what a page turner... a must read for all spiritual seekers!!! I'm so grateful to read a spiritual book that sparkles with profound wisdom, truth, answers and techniques that I can practice NOW. Ringo's book confirmed everything I believe to be true about being a free soul learning and growing while living my true life purpose!!!

Jo C , Colorado

Thanks! I got the book and love it. Ah-HA moments for me. Thank you!

Lynn, Wyoming


Some of the topics covered include:

  • True nature of Angels, How karma and reincarnation affects your life
  • Ways your aura buffers you from negativity
  • Reality of life after death is revealed
  • Heaven, hell, and limbo is explained clearly
  • Spiritual aspects of relationships is covered
  • Four ways Extra Sensory Perception is experienced
  • What it means to be Successful, Abundant, or Affluent
  • Ways you misinterpret your first impressions or hunches
  • Spiritual meaning of colors
  • and much more

Modern Spiritual Living is the book you have been waiting to be written. It is the result of twenty five years of research compiled from workshops I have presented and insights shared with me from my spirit guides.

Are you are ready to reinvent your life and quit sabotaging your relationships? This book is for you. You are in the right time and the right place for your life purpose.

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