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Reincarnation in Your Life

  • Why you attract certain people and problems
  • Karma and Law of Attraction Revealed

Live Online Class:

How to Overcome Common Obstacles to Meditation
and live the life you want.

with Roger Ringo, Author and Educator

date nov 10

Thursday, Nov 10th

9:00 pm Eastern Time Zone (New York)
8:00 pm Central Time Zone (Chicago)
6:00 pm Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles)



Start living the life you want and reduce stress.

In this upcoming meditation webinar you will learn

  • Why you have difficulties meditating
  • Four different meditation methods
  • How your ESP Style affects your ability to meditate
  • Different types of meditation to use throughout the day
  • Three common pitfalls to effective meditation
  • Simple breathing technique before any meditation

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