Crystal Cleansing Stones: soothing and delicate

Experience the soothing, cleansing action as you run your hands through an assortment of special polished stones.

All natural stones. Each stone is highly polished and size will range between 4 mm - 7 mm. The mixture will contain quartz, amethyst bloodstone, citrine, jasper, agates, sodalite, tiger eye, labradorite, lapis, and many others.

The cleansing, healing effect a person experiences from using these stones is the result of 3 separate aspects.

  • In each hand are nerve endings (pressure points or reflected points) that are connected to other parts of the body. When these trigger points are pressed by the stones, they relax and soothe other parts of our inner body.
  • Each stone has a healing or relaxing quality. Running your hand through the stones transmits these qualities to your body and aura.
  • Muscles and tendons in the hand are gently massaged during the process.

Combining all of these aspects during the use of the stones creates a powerful relaxation effect. The crystal cleansing stones can be used an home and at the office to reduce stress and find your own inner calm.


Crystal Cleansing Stones come bagged in three different amounts:

  • Medium - 1.0 lb bag
  • Large - 1.5 lb bag. This size shown in video
  • Extra Large - 4.5 lb bag. This size is very good for a large salad bowl

Purchase your Crystal Cleansing Stones today and have them delivered within three days.


A final thought

earth handsThere is a tremendous amount of pressure in our environment. It is essential for spiritually sensitive people to create balance and harmony in their personal space. This creates a buffer from pressure and minimizes its impact on the physical body and spiritual well being. The Crystal Cleansing Stones is an easy to use tool to help relax your nerves and find your own inner sacred space.