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People everywhere are searching for ways to live a wholistic, conscious living lifestyle. For many there is a disconnect with how they have been taught versus how they feel inside.

My "Spiritual Living Coaching Service" is a personalized way to help you find a pathway towards the life want want to live.

I ask for a one year commitment to this program. Each of us have lifetimes of positive and not so positive habits and ways of thinking.

Changing this is not going to happen immediately. The soul changes very slowly (for good reasons) and it takes time to build this "spiritual energy" momentum.

I know this to be true, because I was the same way.


Program Overview

Modern Spiritual Living Coaching uses materials of the Americana Leadership College. It also includes methods and techniques I have developed over 30 years of personal growth and training seminars.

  1. Profound Mystical Meditation Deluxe Home Study Package: This package includes a twelve month home study program of new ideas to evaluate and techniques to enhance your sensitivity. Also included is the Sea Of Tranquility spoken audio CD, The Real You book, and three-30 day meditation booklets.
  2. Spiritual Consultation Sessions: Every two months there is an in-depth consultation session that peals away the layers misunderstanding and start clarifying core elements of your spiritual essence. Areas covered are
    • Inner Guidance (angels) and how to communicate with them
    • How you use the Four Avenues of Perception
    • Key blockage areas and the subtle ways they affect you life
    • Ways you block the flow of spiritual energy to your physical body and chakras
    • Unique aspects to balancing your life
  3. Monthly regrouping telephone call. This is a personalized 1 hour regrouping call at the end of each month. Tips and hints on using the materials and consultation sessions are covered.
  4. Sea Of Tranquility meditation training. Using this simple meditation technique each day will keep you buffered stress and help you maintain a clear direction towards your goals.
  5. Discounts to workshops that I present.

Cost for Spiritual Living Coaching:  $60.00/month   


We need to talk

Contact me with one of the methods below. I can personally talk with you and give an initial evaluation.

This program is not for everyone. I only have twenty coaching clients at a time so that I can be effective.

Call me: 877/525-6335

or email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.