Community classes: a waterhole of like minded people

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New Spiritual Horizons
is a simple but comprehensive 12 week program that will help you unfold more of your practical intuition, trust your hunches, and discover more about yourself spiritually.

This 12 week program is not a discussion group. It is a progressive, organized exploration into your psychic abilities and personal growth. You will discover answers to questions about life and relationships.


Weekly group meetings consist of

  • Cleansing of the Aura
  • Meditation
  • Study of numerous spiritual topics
  • Experience techniques that unfold your intuition
  • Outflow healing techniques

Few people on Planet Earth will have the in-depth insight and practical tools for greater success. Using Meditation, the four Spiritual Gifts, and our team of Spiritual Guidance (Angels), solutions to life's challenges can be found.

The multi-faceted 12 week community program will be an oasis for this journey of discovery.


Study Topics covered during these 12 weeks include

  • Spiritual purpose for life on Planet Earth
  • Aura and Psychic Sensitivity
  • Angels and how they help us
  • How healing energy flows
  • Simple ways to attract greater success
  • Life after death and where we go

Techniques and what you will experience a unique aspect of all Profound Mystical Meditation groups is the techniques you will experience.

  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Intuitive Impressions
  • Energy Elevator
  • Outflow Healing
  • Methods of Meditation
  • and numerous others


Become Involved

Would you like to be involved in a New Spiritual Horizons community study group?
Do you know other people who would like to participate also?
Are you an instructor and would like to offer this study group to your clients?

Contact our office by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 877/525-6335 and we can help you with solutions.


A Final Note


You have existed as a soul through eons of time and you will continue to exist throughout eternity. The greatest investment you can make is the investment of time it takes to discover the truth about the real you. The best way to learn is through your experiences in life.