Angel Encounter Workshop:
Learn how to effectively talk with your angels

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New approach to Angels - Spiritual Guidance

The Angle Encounter Workshop includes all the information described in the Angel Encounter Private Session. Because the workshop is five hours, it allows us to go into greater depth and practice angel communication techniques. You will also learn four additional techniques than we have time for during the private session. 


This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. A day getting to know yourself better and experiencing the unseen love and support from your Spirit Guides.

In this workshop you WILL establish a clear, direct, two-way communication with your Angels. This incredible ability will enrich your life. Never doubt your decisions again. Your life will never be the same.

Just Imagine....

  • Wouldn't it be nice to know how many angels you contracted with for this lifetime and be able to feel their presence in times of duress?
  • What would it be like to be able to talk with your Angels, any time - any place?
  • How much could you enjoy your family and work if you could neutralize stress in your environment?
  • Being able to have a Sea Of Tranquility to regenerate your Life Force and commune with your Angels.
  • Knowing the personal meaning to your life, and having a purposeful lifestyle.

This workshop is unique, innovative, and it works. Using your Angels and ESP Style will help you start finding answers and personal security.

During this intensive workshop

  • Learn 4 innovative techniques for receiving practical & concise answers from your Angels. Learn how to tell when you receive information from your mind and when insights are coming from your Angels.
  • Discover your ESP Style of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Prophecy, and Healing. Your ESP type helps you understand yourself and others better. Having this information will help you interact with your family, friends, and work associates. You will discover how ESP Styles help explain personality differences and learn to love everyone's individual style of communicating.
  • Learn how many personal angels you have for this lifetime and how each of them contact you
  • Learn how to ask questions and receive concise and practical answers from your Angels
  • Actually feel and hear your Angels at your side. Know that you are NEVER ALONE
  • Remarkably easy techniques
  • Your Angels can help you discover a lifestyle free of stress and uncertainty

This workshop will have you effectively talking with your Angels before you leave. You will become more confident and assured with your decision making. You will realize there is a "Higher Power" that wants to help you attain a more successful and fulfilling life. The Angel Encounter Workshop is unique, innovative, and it works. A lifestyle of using your Angels and ESP Style will help you start finding answers and personal security.

Angel Encounter Workshop includes:

  • A personalized chart on your Angels and Intuition Style.
  • 30 page workbook to assist the success while at home.
  • 3 hours of practicing angel communication techniques.

You will never feel alone again....You can find answers and unique solutions to life's challenges. Come and experience this fun, dynamic angel workshop.

Class size is limited to 15 people. Pre-registration is highly recommended.
Call (toll free) 877/525-6335 or See below registration box.

Cost: $145.00.

NOTE - If you have previously experienced the private one hour angel session with Diana or Roger, then your cost to attend is $70.00

If you have any questions call (toll free) 877/525-6335


What this workshop will mean to you

Everyone has a "Sixth Sense." This can also be known as avenues of perception, spiritual sensitivity, intuition, or being psychic. We all have up to 30 - 45 of these intuitive impressions each day but many times overlook them or are not sure how to interpret them. This can lead to undue pressure or missed opportunities,

There are four different types of these Sixth Sense impressions. Clear seeing (clairvoyant), Clear Hearing (clairaudient), Feeling (sensation), or Prophecy (inner knowing). In this private session you will discover your primary avenue of perception and how it can be used effectively.

You will also learn how to use your Inner Guidance (spirit guides). Many times we need to make decisions in our lives but are unsure of the appropriate direction to take. Our Inner Guidance is there to help in this process. Their purpose is to share helpful insights but not make the decision.

Just imagine for a moment......What would it mean to you

  • To more effectively understand your hunches and first impressions
  • To effectively communicate with a team of spiritual helpers who will help guide you

This workshop will be a major turning point in your life and start removing uncertainty in you life purpose.