Communicate with Inner Guidance

What would your life be like

  • if you could accurately interpret your hunches?
  • be in constant communication with you Angels?
  • never felt alone?
  • could receive answers and insights to troublesome areas in your life?


Many people cannot relate to commonly accepted ideas about angels that are based on traditional religious teachings and biblical references.

Every culture tries to explain the "still small voice within" guidance the best it can. The understanding and awareness of angels is an evolutionary process and every generation build upon the previous.

The Angel Encounter Session will offer you a contemporary understanding of angels and the role they play in your life. You will learn new angels insights that accurately explain a vague awareness you already have within.

In association with the Wayshowers College, Diana and Roger Ringo administer a series of private spiritual consultations that are designed to empower you with advanced insights and techniques. These consultations are powerful and not like anything you have ever experienced.

Learn a quick and easy method of daily meditation with your angels so you can receive their ideas, inspirations and suggestions for your life success. Receive answers immediately to any question you would like to ask your angels/guides.

The Orientation Angel Encounter Profile is the first session.It is a 1 hour session. You will learn a technique that will raise your energy vibration instantly to be "tuned in" with your angels.


Profile-1001 1.  You will discover how many Spirit Guides/Angels you contracted with for this lifetime, and how to communicate with them.

  • Learn how to get Yes/No answers.
  • Follow up Yes/No answers with a series of questions designed to have your angels give you more detailed information.
  • You will discover that you are never alone.
  • You will experience your Angels being close to you sharing love and support.
  • Learn how to use your Angels at home and work.
  • This communication technique is very practical and useful.

2.  You will learn how your 4 Avenues Of Perception are integrated in your life.

  • Discover how these 4 Avenues Of Perception are providing hunches every day.
  • You will learn about your: Inner Knowing (Prophetic nature), Clairvoyant (Visionary nature),
  • Clairaudient (Intuitive nature), and Healing (Feeling nature).
  • These 4 elements reveal aspects of your Personality Style and your innate ESP abilities.
  • Most people use this information when working with friends, family, and work associates.

3.  Also you will receive an Energy Balance Gauge.

  • Discover how much of your Life Force is working for you in a Positive, Negative, or Indecisive manner
  • This will indicate the degree you are "working hard" and "flowing smoothly" with your life

This 1-hour private consultation will change your life.
You will be empowered with solutions to life's challenges.
You will discover a New You, The Real You. The cost is $75.00

To schedule a consultation contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or call toll free: 877/525-6335


What this session will mean to you

Everyone has a "Sixth Sense." This can also be known as avenues of perception, spiritual sensitivity, intuition, or being psychic. We all have up to 30 - 45 of these intuitive impressions each day but many times overlook them or are not sure how to interpret them. This can lead to undue pressure or missed opportunities,

There are four different types of these Sixth Sense impressions. Clear seeing (clairvoyant), Clear Hearing (clairaudient), Feeling (sensation), or Prophecy (inner knowing). In this private session you will discover your primary avenue of perception and how it can be used effectively. 

You will also learn how to use your Inner Guidance (spirit guides). Many times we need to make decisions in our lives but are unsure of the appropriate direction to take. Our Inner Guidance is there to help in this process. Their purpose is to share helpful insights but not make the decision.

Just imagine for a moment......What would it mean to you

  • To more effectively understand your hunches and first impressions
  • To effectively communicate with a team of spiritual helpers who will help guide you

This private session will be a major turning point in your life and start removing uncertainty in you life purpose.