Modern Spiritual Living

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You are a spiritually aware individual living in a very interconnected world. How you feel is a barometer of your lifestyle.

The time is right for a new perspective.
A new perspective not of your outer world, but of your inner world.

The time is right to start

  • trusting your hunches more
  • finding a few moments each day for simple meditation
  • becoming more alert to your Inner Guidance/Angels
  • discovering your True Life Purpose
  • strengthening your aura from negativity

Modern Spiritual Living is an approach to life from a spiritual/soul perspective.

It is a new approach to life based on contemporary spiritual living insights and unique techniques. It draws on the teachings of Dr. Francisco Coll, materials from Americana Leadership College, and my thirty years of spiritual research and instruction.


The Modern Spiritual Living approach consists of:

  • Building a strong buffer/aura from negative vibrations.
  • Gaining a clear awareness of your True Life Purpose
  • Learning how to trust your Innate Spiritual Sensitivity/Hunches
  • Discovering your Intuitive Avenue of Perception
  • Listening to Inner Guidance for insights and assistance.


Modern Spiritual Living is attained through:

A step by step progression that builds a solid foundation.
The program consists of:

The power of the Modern Spiritual Living approach is in the consistent use of the study materials and techniques each day. It is putting into practice and not just studying. I know this process works, because it has worked for me.

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