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For over thirty years I have been training people how to use their Inner Guidance, trust their Hunches, and discover their True Life Purpose.

During these programs, I blend together the techniques of Americana Leadership College and my experiences. I have successfully implemented these techniques in family, business situations, and during social events. These programs really work.

I look forward to sharing with you the universal truths that have meant so much to me.


Background info about Diana

diana lectureAt a young age Diana knew there was more to life than what was being taught. Those teachings were not altogether wrong or bad, she just felt they were incomplete. There had to be more. During college Ms. Ringo majored in Life Sciences, but always had a special passion for Psychology, Religion, and Philosophy.

At age 24, Diana was fortunate to meet a Spiritual Mentor with the wisdom and spiritual understanding she was seeking. This Mentor taught her, and others, a spiritual understanding of planet earth. Diana learned in-depth methods for using Spiritual Guidance and trusting her Hunches. She began to integrate this wisdom into a personal way of life. This “way of life” has helped Diana be very successful financially and in personal relationships. Life has become very enjoyable.

Diana Ringo has been a lecturer and consultant for over 20 years in the field of spiritual awareness and self-understanding. Born in Indiana, Ms. Ringo has traveled throughout the Midwest presenting seminars and lectures. She has also conducted training in Canada and the Puerto Rico. Currently she resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

diana-expo-readingThrough years of research and personal experiences, Diana has discovered simple keys and techniques to help relieve stress and pressure in work and family situations. She has mastered the ability to tap the inner resource of our innate "intuitive" nature, and enjoys sharing this with other people.

Diana shares the practical nature of meditation that she has learned in business, as a spouse, and mother of two sons. She feels that work and daily experiences can be fun and fulfilling when we have the tools and techniques to keep a positive and optimistic outlook.

Diana can be reached by telephone at 877/525-6335, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Important information about me

  • Since the age of 18, I have always known that I would be actively involved in spiritual awareness and self understanding.
  • I have been training people in Advanced Spiritual Living for thirty one years.
  • Associated with the Americana Leadership College and serve as a guest instructor.
  • Earned a BS from Purdue University and a Certified Spiritual Educator designation from Americana Leadership College.
  • Married for thirty eight years and have two adult sons.
  • I can teach anyone to communicate with their Inner Guidance and trust their Hunches.


Client Feedback

I just wanted to thank Diana Ringo for the counseling profile she did for me today. Already unbelievable results! The negative and oppressive energy is something that I have been dealing with for years until today when I have felt a shift. This will no longer be a issue for me. I was shown where and how this was able to affect me and truly believe I will be free from this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sheila, IA

Ms. Ringo has an uncanny knack for making spiritual unfoldment fun and interesting. She relates the ideas to real situations with here husband, children, and as an healer.

Chicago, IL Client{/small}


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